Quality Inspections

Quality Inspections with SQMSA poor on-board and station environment, including graffiti, vandalism and general deterioration can create the wrong impression affecting passenger perception, targets and even mean that you incur fines.

Our Service Quality Management System (SQMS) allows you to conduct surveys and quality inspections capturing the data with your tablet or smartphone and send it straight into your back office system for remedial action and statistical analysis, helping drive up quality across your network.

Once downloaded your team can complete the survey supporting their answers with notes and photographs.  For example, if some graffiti is identified on a station this survey question can be failed, backing up the answer with a photograph of the graffiti and a note to say exactly where it is at the station. Once complete the survey is sent to the database enabling on-demand reports to be quickly produced, highlighting areas that need rectifying.

In addition the application provides the ability to report single faults allowing any staff member to take responsibility for quality during their everyday duties.

Information that used to take days to collect via a paper based system can now be seen within minutes.