Social Customer Service

Social Media Management Tool

Rail travellers expect accurate and personalised assistance in real time to help them make informed choices, especially during times of disruption.

Our affordable social customer service tool can help you to provide consistent levels of customer service, even at high volumes, without compromising the quality of your customer care.

In today’s fast moving, technology based environment, a high proportion of your customers are smart device users, confident in using social media. Social media is a fantastic tool and enables you to provide managed and prompt, real time personalised information addressing issues before they escalate.

VoooRA from Rail Apps is a multifunctional tool to help you manage your social media platforms to provide a more rounded and fulfilling experience from your customer’s perspective.

Key benefits and features

  • Vooora - Social Customer ServiceImproves communication
  • Increases productivity and efficiency
  • Customer insights
  • Effective customer engagement
  • 24/7 availability
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Multi location, multi users
  • Reduced training time
  • Supports consistency and best practice

VoooRA can help you manage single or multiple social media accounts with ease, monitoring posts and tweets.

Customer facing staff can also send information and photos to the social media team to enable them to update customers with a clearer picture of the delay to facilitate understanding.

Search terms are entered and show in the activity feed. Replies/Retweets and direct messages can be sent from within the console. Automatic or semi-automatic responses can be set up based on different scenarios with pre-written content available to drag and drop for answers.

An automatic response could also be set up to reply to customers using specific keywords e.g. delay with a link to download a delay/repay or comment form to assist customers to obtain any appropriate compensation for delays they have experienced.

VoooRA also has additional functionality using natural language analysis that can automatically categorise sentiment and subjects, allowing your team to track, view, receive and interact with customers. It also provides team management, delegation, prioritisation, workflow and insight and reporting. Consistency and best practice is encouraged by using the tweet suggestion tool. Shortened URL links can be automatically sent leading users to our self-service tools.

Key functions

  • Monitor, manage and reply to tweets and posts
  • Workflow unresolved issues to a company expert
  • Multi user support
  • Record Locking to reduce the risk of customers getting multiple conflicting replies
  • AI Engine processes simple tweets and recommends answers
  • Suggested answers (drag and drop)

Product Structure and Features

VoooRA consists of three modules:VoooRA - Social Customer Service

  • Admin console

Use this area to set up and manage your team members, permissions and security rights

  • User console

This is where your team monitor customer interactions, reply to questions and provide travel information

  • Reporting suite with dashboard and customer insights

This is where you will find pre-formatted and ad hoc reports including tweets per hour/day/month, sentiment, service category and response times. Results can be filtered based on search terms, account and staff member. Highly customisable, the reporting suite can be tailored to meet your needs.

More information about these modules can be found by referring to the sub menu at the top left of the page.

We can help you embrace social media, connect and engage with your customers and realise the customer service potential of these online networks.